United Emirates Metals & Abrasives

BedHead Panel

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each beadhead panel combines the beauty of metal art with the functionality of a bedhead. Explore our online store and elevate your sleeping experience to new artistic heights.

1CNC Water jet machine2m x 6m
2CNC Water jet machine2m x 3m
3CNC Laser machine1.5m x 3m
4CNC Punching machine1.5m x 3m
5CNC Router machine1.22m x 2.44m
6CNC Shearing machine3 Meter long
7CNC bending machine3 Meter long
8Sheet brushing machineUp to 25mm thick
9Sheet rolling machine3 Meter long
10Pipe rolling machine6 Meter long
11Pipe bending machine 
12TIG Welding machine 
13Arc Welding machine 
14Polishing machine 
15Surface grinding machine 
16Overhead crane10 Tons capacity
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